Some Final Details…

Some Final Details…

McLaren Hire in Melbourne

If you want McLaren hire in Melbourne, look no further than Supercars of Melbourne for a wide range of McLaren rental models available. Here’s a little about the history of this prestige make of car. The car company was founded by New Zealand F1 driver Bruce McLaren in 1963, with the first making its debut at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix.

Their major claim to fame was being the first design and manufacture team to create a car on a carbon fibre monocoque, an innovation which is now a commonplace practice in manufacturing racing cars. McLarens have proven their worth in the racing world, and it’s no surprise with the founder of their company being a F1 driver. If you want to get in on some high-performance racing car action, then a McLaren rental could be for you.


Choose McLaren Rental for a Car Straight Off the F1 Track

You can take the McLaren off the F1 track, but you can’t take the speed out of the McLaren. These cars are seriously sporty creatures. They look like trouble packed into a high-performance engine and that’s why we love them. Haven’t driven a McLaren before? It’s high time you did. A McLaren rental will impress wherever it goes, and who won’t hear it approaching with that horsepower? If you live to rev, this is the car for you.

Arrange a McLaren Rental Today

For the best McLaren hire in Melbourne, come straight to Supercars of Melbourne. We’ve got a range of models available for hire, plus we allow you to choose your own colour too! You won’t be the same after driving this high-performance vehicle. Call Supercars of Melbourne today to book your rental.