Some Final Details…

Some Final Details…

Ferrari Hire in Melbourne

Looking for Ferrari Hire in Melbourne? We’ve got what you need at Supercars of Melbourne. Here’s a little about the not-so-humble Ferrari brand that you may not know. Enzo Ferrari, the original founder of this luxury car company, designed and built the first Ferrari just after the Second World War. This car was driven in the Piacenza Circuit in 1947 and claimed victory at the Rome Grand Prix in the same year.

Ferrari’s links with car racing are clearly very strong. The highly recognisable designs of all Ferrari vehicles are based on various prototypes, including the Scuderia Ferrari, Gran Turismo and Sports Ferraris. So if you want to hire a vehicle that’s fast and sporty, there’s no better choice than a Ferrari rental from Supercars of Melbourne.


For the Ultimate Performance, Choose a Ferrari Rental

You haven’t lived until you’ve driven a Ferrari. It’s the ultimate combination of high-performance, speed and luxury. Take your Ferrari for a spin down the Great Ocean Road for a weekend away, or arrive in style in your Ferrari rental at your next special event. Ferrari hire in Melbourne can give wow factor to a prom night or even ferry a bridal party around in style!

Find the Perfect Ferrari Rental at Supercars of Melbourne

Ferraris are simply awe-inspiring, so if you’re out to impress, they’re a great choice. If you’re after a high-performance vehicle with more than its fair share of luxury, call Supercars of Melbourne today to enquire about our Ferrari rental.